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Strawberry Cheesecake GoodNotes Stickers

$ 10,00


This set includes Pre-cropped 100+ Strawberry Cheesecake GoodNotes Stickers.

🌸You will receive:
・a .collection file with 100 stickers. (*To use the file, make sure your GoodNotes 5 app version is up to date. )
・Pre Cropped 100 Stickers in PNG Files with Transparent Background

🌸Why use elements tool?
・Super easy and quick to add stickers. Simply open the elements tool, You don’t need to copy and paste from sticker book in a separate screen anymore!
・More organized and accessible
・Saves you time and energy!

*.collection file is for up-to-date GoodNotes5 on iPad only.
*Please note that this product does NOT include .goodnotes page file.
(Only .collection file for elements tool is included. You can make your own sticker book/page from elements if you wish)