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4 Most Important Productivity Tips

The Key to Long term Productivity
Find the action that you would, and could repeat forever.

There are four key terms in the sentence:





Number 1:

Find the action is important because if you already knew what action to do, you would already be productive.

There is productive action out there but it has to be discovered and this requires the willingness and the commitment on your part to find it.

Number 2:

The term ‘would’ is important because you actually have to want to do the action.

It makes you consider whether

(A) you actually enjoy the action itself, and

(B) whether you’re willing to prioritise it.

Number 3:

The term ‘could’ is important because it makes you consider whether the action is actually possible for you to do.

Are you physically capable of doing it?
Do you have the right tools & resources?
Do you have enough energy to do it each day?

Number 4:
The term ‘forever’ is a stress test. It ensures the action is repeatable for, and compatible with, the rest of your life.
The key to long-term productivity is consistency. And the key to consistency is to find the action you would, and could, repeat forever.
Productivity is like movement and if you pass all four stages, you’ve successfully created a step that you can take each day and if you take a step towards your goal each day, you’ll inevitably reach it.
  • Have you found the action?
  • Are you open and willing to search for it?
  • Would you actually do the action?
  • Do you enjoy the process, and is it something you enjoy more than other things? Is it a priority for you?
  • Could you actually do the action? Do you have the knowledge, the capacity, the energy to do it?
  • And lastly have you shrunk the action down so that you could repeat it forever? Have you made it manageable?

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